Wednesday, March 14, 2007

reunion mrsm pc 98/99

sedikit usaha untuk mempromote..

Projek Besar : Reunion mrsmpc 98/99
Venue : Kota Bharu, Kelantan
Date : Sumwhere around this August

details.. boleh pegi kat official website
ini sedikit ucapan tak formal dari en pengerusi yang baru balik dari survey resort.

i guess the best way to put it in words is... kadang2 kita rasa cam
reunion2 ni as if we're still clinging to mrsmpc, and tamau let go and forget about it and move on.
lepas balik KB hari tu, aku rasa this is how our reunion should be.

move on we should. and grow up too.

we may not be as buddy2 as before, but hey i know u and u know me, and we all know we had some fun last time in pc.

in a way kita semua appreciate the shared memories, and at the same time we respect everyone's personal space, and we stay as friends, and we wish each and everyone of us the best for their personal endeavors. and you can restassured to always fall back on us, if one day you stumble upon a test in your life's journey. but until then, please do take care, and we will always be around.

reunion ni untuk kita recharge battery. jumpa member lama. wish them all the best, bagi support. to not forget what we used to be. and to also wish us all to be the greatest we can ever be. and by the end of it, off we go again pursuing our dreams, until the day comes again and we again take a breather and enjoy each other's company.

sekian, terima kasih

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